Herne Bay’s first Zombie Crawl – A massive success

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Photograph by Dave Hammond Photography

We take our hats of to you all, the adults, the kids, some of the costumes and make-up was of a Hollywood standard! You could have easily walked on set and starred in a big budget horror movie! Honestly, we were shocked with just how good you looked. We looked at some other crawls that are held in the States, and while we can’t quite match (not yet anyway!) the thousands that take part in these huge crawls, we EASILY matched, and, in some cases surpassed the standard of costume and make-up! Well done again, we can’t thank you enough.

We’ve got some good footage of the crawl, and once we’ve edited it, added some scary music, we’d also like to put all participants names in the end credits. We’ll be in contact soon regarding this. I particularly liked the scene where the kebab shop was under siege and the poor kebab shop man made his way to the far end of the shop, that was hilarious!! He actually looked genuinely scared!

Anyway, over £700 raised so far thanks to you all, and we feel that we can grow this in to a much bigger event and perhaps invite comments and suggestions for next years crawl. As a first crawl, we realised that we would have to do the event, then see what needed to be altered for next years crawl, such as route, length of route (seemed to be over too quick!) and it would be great if there was a large venue we could all go to afterwards (Kings Hall?) that kids could also go to.

Thanks again, we made loads of new friends last night, and consider you all to be our Zombie buddies! Well done.

  1. Jo Mumford says:

    i had an amazing time thank you to all organisers. well done to all for raising so much and hops to crawl with you all again soon

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